Monday, April 30, 2012

Little Bags and Big Bags

I seem to have a thing for bags.  And really, can you ever have too many bags?  Big bags, little bags, medium bags.

Well here's a little linen-look bag that I whipped up for a quick birthday present for one of my favorite neighbors.  I found the inspiration piece over at Periwinkle Pincushion.  Cute, cute, cute!  She calls it the French Country Zipper Pouch - I call it super cute.  I found the linen-look fabric over at Hobby Lobby.

And the lining is a favorite from one of the Riley Blake lines.

And here's the stack in progress - I decided to make teacher thank you gifts for all of the boys' teachers this year.  I knew I needed to get an early start.  So - - - I have one all done, and quite a few more left to go.  I'll show more when they're all done.  Easy!

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Sunday, April 15, 2012

Happy Birthday Wood Decorations

It is coming up to Birthday season at my house - my boys' have birthdays in May and June. Last spring I came across this cute Happy Birthday felt banner HERE from a local crafter's ETSY shop. Love it! I had seen these fun wood balloons and presents on other blogs and noticed that they were from a local wood craft shop. I finally had a chance recently to stop in and pick them up. A little bit of paint, some scrapbook paper, and some glitter and now I have some great additions to my Birthday decorations.
Here is a close up of each present - three sizes. Here is the small:
The medium:
And the large:
I might go back and tie on some ribbons with the colored wire (which I loved to work with - so easy and colorful!). And here are the two balloons (there were three, but I thought two was plenty for me).
And the polka dot one - can't go wrong with polka dots!
So the plan is to put these out on the mantle along with the banner for our birthdays - very festive and fun - - and easy!

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Monday, April 9, 2012

Lots of Pink - Baby Blanket

Wow - can you say pink? I live in a house full of boys - including the dog. I'm not used to seeing very much pink. But I needed another baby blanket for a gift and went to my enormous useful stash of fabric and found this incredibly cute pre-pieced quilt top and matching backing fabric. A quick seam around the edges, turn it right side out, top stitch all around again and there you have about the cutest little girl PINK blanket I may have ever "made". (I'm not sure I can really even say that I made it since it came pre-pieced - it wasn't any work at all.) The great thing about this line of fabric (from JoAnn's) is the variety of textures and the 3D effects. I hated to give this one away but a cute new niece is now the very proud owner. The backing is the green dragonfly fabric. Oh sooooo cute!

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Sunday, April 1, 2012

More Car Play Mats

I've posted before (here and here) about play mats that I've made for my boys. Well, we have a cousin's birthday party to attend next weekend and my boys decided that the perfect gift would be a play mat. So son #1 and I headed out to one of my favorite fabric stores that always has a great selection of pre-printed play mats. They didn't disappoint. Son #2 has this very panel already, but it is a great one and the fabric quality is excellent.
We found this new fabric panel as well - and although it wasn't my favorite, son #1 talked me in to getting it and using it to back the panel above. So now, a quick trip to Target to get some hot wheels and we're good to go. I've had this panel for a few months now - I found it at a cute fabric shop in Richfield, UT last fall. I finally took the 10 minutes to get it sewn together (the back is the same cute black/white check that you see in the pre-printed border). This one is all about mountains, cabins, camping, etc. I'm sure it will find a fond place in my boy's hearts just like their others.One day maybe I'll attempt one from scratch rather than using the pre-printed panels. But for now, these are PERFECT and easy and well-loved, which is the point.

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