Sunday, September 30, 2012

Girly Tool Belt - Aprons

I happen to work with a national organization that holds a big education conference every two years - and our next conference is coming up in a couple of weeks.  One of the fun activities we do at the conference is have a big raffle for items attendees donate along with some big technology items and all of the money raised goes to student scholarships.  When we are out in the crowds selling tickets, we like to wear aprons with lots of pockets to stuff money and ticket stubs in.  We usually just run to Home Depot and buy a handful of aprons - they work and they're easy.  But I knew I could do cuter - if I just sat down and made it happen. 

During a quick run to one of my trusty local fabric stores, I happened upon this great pattern by Vanilla House Designs for "Girly Tool Belts".  I've been on the hunt for fabric and finally just decided to visit another of my favorite local fabric shops and bought up a bunch of coordinating fabric - I love it when they just have it all stacked up in coordinating bolts and fat quarters so I don't have to think about it.  In fact, I just assumed it was all from the same line, but when I got everything home and starting cutting into it I realized they had lots of different fabric lines all put together.  Love it when stores make it easy for me!

There were three different variations on the aprons and I have lots of people to help, so I just kept cutting until I had used up pretty much all of the fabric I bought.

 I ended up with six aprons - three of each variation.  Look at those lovely gray, blue, and yellow fabrics.  I seem to have a thing for gray mixed with various colors lately. 

And here they are:

Each one has three pockets in the front - perfect for holding lots of stuff.  And I think I have to say that this one is my most favorite.  Love the mix of fabrics!  They were soooooooo easy to make - quick and easy to follow instructions.

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Sunday, September 16, 2012

Baby Blankets . . . . They Never Stop

The one thing you can always count on is more babies being born - and every baby deserves a new soft, cuddly blanket and a new outfit.  At least I believe that.  We have two new cousin baby boys being born this month (one is already here and I'm slow).  For this one, it had to be cowboys!  I searched and searched for this very Riley Blake fabric and could only find it in a super soft minky fabric.  So I paired it with a dark brown minky and sewed it together.  It will be a very soft and very warm blanket!  I was sweating just trying to get it top stitched.  

 The fabric is sure cute.  I should have grabbed a few more yards of this - it is very hard to find now days.
I did have enough of the cotton line to whip up these cute burp cloths to go with it.
Next up is another flannel Peak Hour blanket with large green ric rac.  Love these so much!  And I really really love the Peak Hour line. 

I have stocked up my stash of this fabric line (flannel, laminated, and cotton) - it really is one of my all time favorites.  Anyway - this blanket is so easy yet it looks so fun with the ric rac hanging out.  Off it goes to Idaho.

Note - one tip for myself.  Take the time to carefully pin the top and bottom of these blankets together after you sew the ric rac on.  The last couple that I made ended up with a pretty big pucker in them because I was just hurrying through.  But with this one I decided to take the time and it worked up beautifully.

And off I go for more crafting fun.
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Monday, September 3, 2012

At The Zoo - Quiet Book

I love a good quiet book . . . . always have, always will.  I have quite a few patterns stashed away and try to make one or two as I have time.  Or I add pages to my large quiet book that my boys love.  By the time I get around to making all the books I want, I will be the only one "playing" with them - maybe my old-age, senile self will think that's pretty fun. 
Anyway - I've had the pieces for this book cut out and ready to go for awhile now.  I finally sat down and got it put together.  This is a pattern from Shelley Wallace on Etsy.  I've made a few of her books before - and in checking her store this morning I see she's added a few new patterns and kits that I might have to add to my collection. 
This book is about the animals in the zoo.  Very cute, if I do say so myself.
Each page has a little burlap flap that hides the animal underneath and the clue helps you to guess what animal is hiding.

We have monkeys and lions.

 And elephants and bears.

 And koalas and zebras.
And giraffes and hippos.

A cute little turtle is on the back cover.

 And what could be better than a finished quiet book?  How about two of them?  I figured since I was cutting and sewing one, why not churn out two of them. 
And I'm feeling pretty proud that I actually got these finished and off my table.  Now I'm on to more baby blankets that have to be sent off this week and then . . . more fun things up my sleeves!
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