Sunday, June 20, 2010

Another Birthday Cake

Last month, I posted about a website I had discovered that had great and easy-to-decorate kid's birthday cakes. Well we tried another one this weekend and loved it. Really, if we can do this, anyone can.

I always wanted to do something special (but yet homemade) for my kids' birthday cakes. This website really makes this easy. One thing to note about this Fish Tank cake - we couldn't find the green fruit chews and spearmint leaves the directions called for, so we made do with some other fruit chews that I found at the grocery store. My kids don't usually eat fruit roll-ups/chews so this was a new experience for us. Just use what you can find and make it work.

Here is the website one more time. And here is the Fish Tank cake for son #1's fourth birthday. Yes, he got a real fish tank with two goldfish as part of his birthday presents.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Somebody Stop Me!

So my friend ended up having a girl . . . and of course that means another new ric rac blanket. I'd seen this cute owl fabric and had been thinking it would make a great blanket - sure enough it did. It's all packed in to a gift bag with a girlie outfit for giving tomorrow. While I was at the fabric store I found more great boy fabric (trucks and boats) so someday soon another will be made . . . really, somebody stop me!
This is a picture of two burp cloths that a friend of mine from Oklahoma sent me when son #2 was born. I've been wanting to make a few to have on hand for gifts. So simple but so cute . . . Take a flat fold diaper, cut a piece of fabric that roughly fits in the center part. Sew it down with a fun ric rac border. Wha la . . . . Simple and yet so cute!

Sunday, June 6, 2010

A Repeat and A New One

One of the "opportunities" that comes along with being a crafter is that you get to give away the things you create. I'm often looking for opportunities to give away things that I make since my ability to store everything has long since been used up. One of the ladies in my neighborhood is about to have a baby and since she decided not to find out the gender this time I'm having to guess . . . I'm guessing BOY. So I hurried and whipped up another Ric Rac blanket in this cute blue/brown star fabric. Now watch it be a girl!

I saw this Gathered Clutch tutorial over at Noodlehead and have been wanting to make one. So in a recent late night crafting binge I whipped my first one up. Super easy!

Here you can see the cute lining - I decided not to put in the divider and the card pockets on this one . . . . just to get a feel for how to make it.

Of course I have more fabric lined up for another one. This one will be getting an iPod pocket on the inside and it will be traveling with me to China in two weeks. The fun orange fabric will match my new orange iPod. I'll post a finished picture when I have time for another crafting binge night.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

I Want It!

I just found the cutest webstore . . . . and something I really want. Since I can't make it myself (despite my own personal jewelry making stash), I will have to save my pennies to buy it from this store. I figured I would add it to my blog so that I can find it when I have some money again, probably like 2012 A.C. (= after China). Check out this cute jewelry and Lisa Leonard's blog. Here's what I want . . . . with an extra pearl or two of course!