Thursday, January 20, 2011

More Quiet Book Pages

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Road - yet another favorite for my kids. I took this pattern from a book I came across. The signs are all velcroed on to the page and are made from Pellon. The green truck and red car are free moving and made from double layered felt (colored layer bonded to brown layer). The garage is felt sewn on to the Pellon page and left open at the bottom for parking (vehicle storage).
Jack-o-Lantern - felt sewn on with the bottom of the green flap and the top of the orange pumpkin left open for storage. The face shapes are felt and the kids can just move the face pieces around as they wish.House - the idea here was to laminate pictures of our family (immediate and extended) and put inside the house for them to look at. However, that part never happened. Right now the house serves as storage for the X's and O's for the tic tac toe board. The bottom of the room and top of the red house are not sewn down so that things (like pictures or other pieces) can be stored inside.

Ark - the brown felt for the ark was cut apart and a zipper was added. Then the entire brown piece with the zipper was sewn on the page. I didn't include it in this picture, but inside the ark are colored pictures of different sets of animals.

Football - every quiet book has to have a page dedicated to learning to tie a bow. I haven't broken this page out for my kids yet. Someday soon. I'm loving velcro shoe closures so I'm not in a hurry for them to learn this skill.
Flowers - another sentimental page. These flowers snap off and on and can be put inside the flower pot (at the top edge). A few of these shapes were taken from my grandmother's book.Laundry - tiny clothes pins can be found at most craft stores. The clothes are made with double layer fabric bonded together for a little extra stiffness. The basket is made from Pellon and colored with pencils. It is open at the top for storage. The clothes line is jute sewn on at each edge.Weaving - this is a difficult skill level so the boys haven't seen this page yet. Simple strips of felt sewn down for weaving.
Braiding - this is another high skill level page that backs up to the weaving page. I'm relatively sure my boys won't care about learning to braid hair, but I do like this page. The top part of the hair is brown felt sewn down with the strands of yarn caught in the seams. And there we have it - "My" Quiet Book. Like everyone says - these are a labor of love. But so worth it. I have a pile of pages cut out and ready to make some new pages. Pages of patterns and hand drawn sketches are next to them waiting for attention. I hope to get to some new pages within the next few months . . . or at least before my boys head off to college. I'll post here if/when more pages are done. Feel free to comment if you have questions.

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Heather said...

I love the quiet books and should make Jack some, but I almost hyperventilate just thinking of making another one! I LOVE this blog! :)