Sunday, October 13, 2013

Witchy Gams

I've been meaning to make time to make something Halloweenie - before Halloween passes me by.  I finally got around to making this cute little craft - - A Witch Leg or as I like to call it - - Witchy Gams.  The pattern is actually called Glinda's Gams and it was a really quick, easy project.

 This particular witch leg was taken to our good friend who had us over for dinner tonight.  My own witchy gam is part-way finished and will soon be hanging up ready to celebrate a little Halloween with us. 

I had just a tiny piece of this super cute spider/pom pom trim left over from a Halloween craft a few years back.  It was just the right size to add to this witch leg. 
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The rest of my good intentioned Halloween projects will probably go on hold until next year.  I'm having a bit of trouble getting my son's new quilt actually quilted.  Plan B, C, and D are being invoked.  More to follow.