Sunday, August 10, 2014

More Baby Blankets

Our nephew and his wife had twins this summer - a boy and a girl.  He joked that everything should just be gray so he didn't have to worry about which was the girl and which was the boy.  I tried to take that philosophy and trend it up just a bit.  I found some matching flannel in pinks and greens.  Following Diary of a Quilter's tutorial, I made up these super soft blankets.

I will admit that I haven't perfected this type of blanket yet.  My corners are still not perfect and the blanket gets a little skewampus but you just can't beat the soft cuddle fabric.  This is probably the hardest pattern I've used so if you're looking for something quick, easy, and perfectly square, this one isn't it.  But it is so softy and cuddly!
Here is Anara's blanket.

And here is Brock's blanket.  
 Cuddles all the way around.
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