Monday, May 26, 2014

Summer time seems to equate to baby time.  And as I've said before, every baby needs its very own baby blanket, made just for him/her.

This one was for one of my son's teachers.  He selected the fabric by himself - can you tell it was a baby boy?  And this is a new pattern that I hadn't done before.  The tutorial is by Diary of a Quilter over at Shannon Fabrics.  It is a little tricky in that your measurements have to be perfectly exact to make it come out without any little puckers.  I do love the super soft cuddle fabric in the middle of soft soft flannel.  I know it looks like the cuddle fabric (green) is small, but it really does take up the majority of the center of the quilt.

This is a great baby blanket and I will be using this pattern a lot in the future.

We also needed a blanket for a little girl.  Why is it that you can never go wrong with pink?  And we "pinked" this one out.  This is my go-to ric rac blanket pattern.  I've made lots and lots of these and they are so quick and easy . . . . and they turn out so darn cute!

For some reason the options for baby girl flannels are limited right now - at least at my favorite baby flannel fabric shop.  This was a quick choice just to get me out of the store, but when I got it home, I really really loved it.  And you can't go wrong with pink polka dots!  All in all, another winner, in my humble opinion.

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Saturday, May 17, 2014

Patchwork Christmas Stockings

I've had these patchwork christmas stockings on my "to do list" for quite a while now.  And since wedding days become hard deadlines, I finally got them finished.  
I saw these stockings over at During Quiet Time's blog a long time ago and have been collecting fabrics from the Blitzen line in anticipation of making some.  

I've made quite a few Christmas stockings through the years - many different patterns and some even created all by myself.  But I wanted something new and different for this set of newlyweds.  Our friend's son and his new wife needed something modern and not too cutesy.  

I added the names - because doesn't every stocking need a name on it?

I just love the Blitzen fabric - snowmen and lots of reds and greens.

 These were really easy to work up.  Love them - and I hope they do too.

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