Saturday, December 24, 2011

My Favorite Crocheted Scarf and a Hat

Handmade gifts are often really the best to receive, especially for so many of us that have so much already. When we asked my brother what his wife might want this year, he said "we already have two of everything". But my sister-in-law did mention how much she enjoyed a handmade scarf and a hat that she had received a few years ago. I decided to pull out my most favorite crocheted scarf pattern - the Curly Q scarf from I have made this pattern for myself and at least one other that I recall that was a gift. This scarf works up so quickly and it is definitely one of the scarfs that I get the most positive comments on.

I knew that I wanted to add a little hat to go with it - and I couldn't find the last (and probably only) pattern I had for a hat. So I went to Crochet Trend via Etsy and ended up buying a really cute - and super easy - pattern. I added a dark brown to the same oatmeal colored yarn I used for the scarf (you crochet two yarns at once for the hat) and whipped this hat out in less than an hour.
Love it! Hope she does too.

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Sunday, December 18, 2011

Nativity Quiet Book

I've been wanting to make a Christmas themed quiet book for my boys. I found a couple of patterns that I mostly liked and after narrowing it down, I decided to go with a Nativity book. My only complaint about most of the quiet book patterns that I find are that they are just for looks - they aren't interactive. But . . . they sure are cute. So I went ahead and made two of them. (If I had extra time and some creativity, I would have tried my hand at making my own, more interactive, version.) But I'm happy with how these turned out.The one on the left will get sent to my sister. The one on the right is mine and was broken in by the boys today - and they would agree with my "wish these were more interactive" feelings. Here is the front cover.

I added the manger - the pattern just had an inscription page. Then we have Mary & Joseph.

Next up, the shepherd and a sheep, and then an angel.
The three wise men come next and then the manger with a baby Jesus. The baby is the only interactive portion - it is loose and can be played with separately.Finally, the back cover.
This pattern comes from Shelley Wallace's Etsy shop found HERE. I purchased a couple of her other patterns and plan to make a few more.
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Sunday, December 11, 2011

More Jewelry

So much to do . . . so little time! But I have managed to crank out a few cute pieces of jewelry. I can't believe Christmas will be here in less than 2 weeks. I'm not ready!!!

First up - my sister was in town last week and so we made this cute chain and pearl multi-strand bracelet (thanks to Bev from Flamingo Toes for the tutorial). Of course, I had to have one of my own. Love it!!!I also absolutely LoVe my Anthropologie inspired Gumball necklace and have had lots of comments on it when I wear it. So I thought I would throw together another one in different colors. You really have to see this one on a real person to appreciate it.
And I needed a Christmas present for someone (who shall remain nameless). As I was pawing through a bag of beads I came across these beautifully colored shell pearls. A few chains later and we have this great bracelet to give.
Ok - after I catch up on some sleep tonight, I have a few more projects in the works . . . and I have made a decision - a big one! I vow to myself to start on Christmas projects for next year right away! There really was so much I wanted to do for this year - if I get started now, maybe I'll be ready for next year. Think it will actually happen?

I did put up my hand-painted Precious Moments inspired Nativity set tonight. I've had it for years and years - and never once put it out. There are just a few animal pieces left to paint and a few of the painted pieces still needs their eyes painted. But I put them up anyway - and I love them. Pictures to come!

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