Sunday, November 3, 2013

Last Minute Halloween Projects

I always seem to have a stack of projects waiting to be done.  You know how it is!  You see something cute, a project, a pattern or a kit that just calls your name . . . and you know "it will only take a few minutes" so you buy it and add it to the ever-growing stack.  Well I finally finished a couple of items in the Halloween project stack this week.  Even if the project is completed on the day of the holiday, it still counts doesn't it? 
Sharing time:

1 - I love creative people who think up all these cute wood projects.  And even more, I love going to a craft store/specialty shop and being able to purchase ALL the things I need to do those cute wood projects all at one time.  It really does make the project quick and easy!  There are certain icons of every holiday that I seem to be attracted to - one of those icons for Halloween are cute little bottles of unknown, dangerous potions.  These wooden bottles just called my name.  I need a piece of cute  ribbon to go around the taller one - it's final addition - that will happen next year!

2 - This little bat was sweet and super quick.  Enough said!

 3 - I saw these adorable spooky crystal balls over at Flamingo Toes.  I HAD to make them!  I gathered all my supplies and brought them home.  The first thing to do is to put some smoke inside the clear GLASS balls.  Well - the key word here is g.l.a.s.s.  Somehow (I think it was the cheap in me) I ended up with plastic balls.  After melting a bit of the opening to one of the balls, I realized I either needed to run out and spend the money on the glass ones or figure out a different way to put some "smoke" in the balls.  Husband suggested some tempura paint and it worked as well as I could have hoped.  Not quite the smoke Flamingo Toes created, but good enough.  And some days, I'm ok with "good enough". 

 Each one of these crystal balls still needs some spooky ribbon around the joint between the candlestick and the ball, but again . . . next year!

We choose the skull . . . .

and the bat. 

And as we were putting away Halloween decorations yesterday I saw one of my favorite decorations sitting on the table.  Who can resist a cute Frankenstein.  But even better - one with a bowl full of eyeballs.  Eyeballs are another of those icons of Halloween I just love!  I painted each one of these many years ago.  Love them!

And finally - I got to go help at son #1's class Halloween party at school on Thursday.  He wanted me to do a craft.  So we got looking online and came across this cute idea for some Frankenstein Stained Glass Window Art at Mrs. T's First Grade Class Blog.  I had to do all the prep work myself ahead of time since I only had a few minutes with each group, but we worked fast and they each got their Franky done and ready to go home. 

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I do love Halloween decorations!  I don't love dressing up, but I love the decorations and always will!