Saturday, October 29, 2011

My Halloween Banner

Is it too late to post my cute Halloween Banner? It is still (barely) 24-ish hours before the official Halloween holiday arrives. Sometimes life and good times just get in the way of my good crafting intentions. Anyway . . . I finally had time tonight after the boys were in bed to finish the last parts of putting this banner together. Now it is hanging on my mantel and I absolutely love it!

It was so simple - cut some 6 inch black burlap squares. Using the amazing freezer paper stenciling technique I previously blogged about HERE, paint Halloween silhouette images on the burlap using white acrylic paint. Let them dry well - in my case, that turned in to a few weeks :-).
Cut out some larger (at least 7 inch, preferably slightly larger that that even) squares of cute Halloween fabric. Zig zag stitch the burlap centered on the Halloween fabric. Then find some cute clearance trim at Hobby Lobby and sew the blocks on to the length of trim that you need for your mantel.And wa - la, there you go. The cutest Halloween banner ever! I like the pops of color from behind the black burlap blocks.
Plus - best news ever - I used fabric and burlap from my super giant stash of fabric. The only thing I bought was the roll of orange/black trim for $1.19. Thrifty and cute - even better!Happy Halloween!

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Heather said...

That is adorable! I love it!