Sunday, April 15, 2012

Happy Birthday Wood Decorations

It is coming up to Birthday season at my house - my boys' have birthdays in May and June. Last spring I came across this cute Happy Birthday felt banner HERE from a local crafter's ETSY shop. Love it! I had seen these fun wood balloons and presents on other blogs and noticed that they were from a local wood craft shop. I finally had a chance recently to stop in and pick them up. A little bit of paint, some scrapbook paper, and some glitter and now I have some great additions to my Birthday decorations.
Here is a close up of each present - three sizes. Here is the small:
The medium:
And the large:
I might go back and tie on some ribbons with the colored wire (which I loved to work with - so easy and colorful!). And here are the two balloons (there were three, but I thought two was plenty for me).
And the polka dot one - can't go wrong with polka dots!
So the plan is to put these out on the mantle along with the banner for our birthdays - very festive and fun - - and easy!

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