Sunday, April 1, 2012

More Car Play Mats

I've posted before (here and here) about play mats that I've made for my boys. Well, we have a cousin's birthday party to attend next weekend and my boys decided that the perfect gift would be a play mat. So son #1 and I headed out to one of my favorite fabric stores that always has a great selection of pre-printed play mats. They didn't disappoint. Son #2 has this very panel already, but it is a great one and the fabric quality is excellent.
We found this new fabric panel as well - and although it wasn't my favorite, son #1 talked me in to getting it and using it to back the panel above. So now, a quick trip to Target to get some hot wheels and we're good to go. I've had this panel for a few months now - I found it at a cute fabric shop in Richfield, UT last fall. I finally took the 10 minutes to get it sewn together (the back is the same cute black/white check that you see in the pre-printed border). This one is all about mountains, cabins, camping, etc. I'm sure it will find a fond place in my boy's hearts just like their others.One day maybe I'll attempt one from scratch rather than using the pre-printed panels. But for now, these are PERFECT and easy and well-loved, which is the point.

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