Sunday, November 20, 2011

Some Anthropolgie Inspiration - Necklaces

Finally, I took some time to sit down and be crafty this weekend. It felt good!!!

I had spied these necklaces over on the Anthropologie website a few months back and have been looking for just the right beads to make my own. I'm totally amazed by the prices for these - I do know that it is difficult to find beads that I like as much as theirs, but I think my inspiration pieces work just fine.

First up - Anthropologie's Long Link necklace - original price $298.

And here is my version - yes, it is a really, really bad picture. And I switched the metal from silver up to antique brass. But I thought it went well with the bronzite beads that I chose. (And a quick "true confession" - I am wearing my ever-so-lovely house cleaning shirt for these pictures. It goes just wonderfully with jewelry, doesn't it!) I decided to add some additional short strands of chain just to help set the bottom half of the necklace off, since it is all the same color tones.And here is Anthropologie's Gumball necklace - price $258. When I first saw this necklace, it was not "on" a real person - just in this picture. I didn't catch the actual potential in it until I saw the same necklace on another website with someone actually wearing it. Then I knew I had to make my own.
Here is my version - once again, a really bad picture (indoors at night, in my house cleaning shirt). But I do love this necklace! I can't wait to wear it for real, with a really nice blouse and my hair done nicely (not in a ponytail). This is a fun one and super easy to make. Again the trick is finding the right beads. I am working on another project that I hope to have done soon. And I have my next few projects all lined up, ready to go - can't wait. I'm done traveling for a few weeks and can hopefully get moving on making some progress on my Christmas lists.
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