Sunday, December 18, 2011

Nativity Quiet Book

I've been wanting to make a Christmas themed quiet book for my boys. I found a couple of patterns that I mostly liked and after narrowing it down, I decided to go with a Nativity book. My only complaint about most of the quiet book patterns that I find are that they are just for looks - they aren't interactive. But . . . they sure are cute. So I went ahead and made two of them. (If I had extra time and some creativity, I would have tried my hand at making my own, more interactive, version.) But I'm happy with how these turned out.The one on the left will get sent to my sister. The one on the right is mine and was broken in by the boys today - and they would agree with my "wish these were more interactive" feelings. Here is the front cover.

I added the manger - the pattern just had an inscription page. Then we have Mary & Joseph.

Next up, the shepherd and a sheep, and then an angel.
The three wise men come next and then the manger with a baby Jesus. The baby is the only interactive portion - it is loose and can be played with separately.Finally, the back cover.
This pattern comes from Shelley Wallace's Etsy shop found HERE. I purchased a couple of her other patterns and plan to make a few more.
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