Saturday, May 17, 2014

Patchwork Christmas Stockings

I've had these patchwork christmas stockings on my "to do list" for quite a while now.  And since wedding days become hard deadlines, I finally got them finished.  
I saw these stockings over at During Quiet Time's blog a long time ago and have been collecting fabrics from the Blitzen line in anticipation of making some.  

I've made quite a few Christmas stockings through the years - many different patterns and some even created all by myself.  But I wanted something new and different for this set of newlyweds.  Our friend's son and his new wife needed something modern and not too cutesy.  

I added the names - because doesn't every stocking need a name on it?

I just love the Blitzen fabric - snowmen and lots of reds and greens.

 These were really easy to work up.  Love them - and I hope they do too.

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