Saturday, February 23, 2013

My Trader Joe's Visit

I'm in love . . . for real!  My state's first Trader Joe's store opened recently and it is located just a few blocks from my office.  The first time I went in was during the store's opening week and you literally couldn't move inside the store. I grabbed a few items and got out.  I finally took some time and went back a few weeks ago and truly fell in love!  Now I understand why everyone raves about Trader Joe's.  Such yummy things . . . and such a great variety. 

On a whim, I grabbed a package of their Harvest Grains blend and threw it in my cart.  When I got it home I read the label and decided to add some shrimp to it and served it for dinner the other night.  It is a mix of Israeli Couscous, Orzo, baby Garbanzos, and Red Quinoa.  Oh my!  The textures, the colors, the yummy goodness of it all. 

And after the traditional "That looks disgusting" from my boys, they were literally begging for more.  It made enough for two nights for all of us.  On night three, my boys were still asking for more. 

And talk about super simple and quick to throw together.  A big winner at my house!  Watch out Joe - I'm coming back for more.

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