Sunday, September 16, 2012

Baby Blankets . . . . They Never Stop

The one thing you can always count on is more babies being born - and every baby deserves a new soft, cuddly blanket and a new outfit.  At least I believe that.  We have two new cousin baby boys being born this month (one is already here and I'm slow).  For this one, it had to be cowboys!  I searched and searched for this very Riley Blake fabric and could only find it in a super soft minky fabric.  So I paired it with a dark brown minky and sewed it together.  It will be a very soft and very warm blanket!  I was sweating just trying to get it top stitched.  

 The fabric is sure cute.  I should have grabbed a few more yards of this - it is very hard to find now days.
I did have enough of the cotton line to whip up these cute burp cloths to go with it.
Next up is another flannel Peak Hour blanket with large green ric rac.  Love these so much!  And I really really love the Peak Hour line. 

I have stocked up my stash of this fabric line (flannel, laminated, and cotton) - it really is one of my all time favorites.  Anyway - this blanket is so easy yet it looks so fun with the ric rac hanging out.  Off it goes to Idaho.

Note - one tip for myself.  Take the time to carefully pin the top and bottom of these blankets together after you sew the ric rac on.  The last couple that I made ended up with a pretty big pucker in them because I was just hurrying through.  But with this one I decided to take the time and it worked up beautifully.

And off I go for more crafting fun.
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