Sunday, August 5, 2012

Catching Up - Bags and Car Carriers

Ah - summer is flying by.  I've been having too much fun playing with the family.  Oh that and maybe a little work thrown in here and there.  But I have been doing a little crafting over the last few weeks.  So here's some catching up.

A foldable reusable bag.  Easy to make - thought I'd like it better than I do.  The straps are not nearly long enough for my liking.  But it is cute. 

And we were in need of another little boy present.  So I went back to a favorite - the car carrier.  Only problem is that the tutorial I've relied on for these has been taken down.  Thank goodness I have a couple of samples lying around to take measurements from.  Love this fabric!

So for future car carrier making - here is my own (picture-less) tutorial.

Outside and inside pieces 14 x 14 inches
Car pocket 14 x 9 inches (fold in half)
Ribbon tie 36 inches

Sew folded pocket to lower part of inside fabric.  Sew in center at 7 inches and then on each side of that 3 1/4 inches from center seam.
Sew on road (oval or figure 8).  Add in lane line with floss. 
Place ribbon in seam and then sew inside and outside pieces right sides together leaving a 2-3 inch opening in side for turning. 
Turn and top stitch. 
Burn ends of ribbon to seal.

I do have some more very cute projects lined up - time, now I just need to make some time!
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