Monday, November 28, 2011

A Big Giant Flop

Well I did it - technically!
I got brave and did some sewing on what was to be a cute new blouse. It turned out really cute . . . except for two things . . . .1. It doesn't fit - so I guess those patterns that claim they're easy to sew and easy to fit really only work if you actually read the instructions about choosing the right size. It was actually really simple to sew, but the fit part . . . well I sure do need a little work on picking the right size. It fits well except through the chest area. There . . . not so well.

2. It turns out that it is really ok that it doesn't fit because even though the material is really cute, it is incredibly noisy! Every little rustle or movement makes me think about George Costanza's pants in that great old episode of Seinfeld. It would have driven me crazy to wear it and hear it all day long. Guess I need to "listen" to the fabric before I buy it.

Oh well - next projects are up to the top of the list and have been started. More to follow.

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