Monday, November 14, 2011

Not for a lack of ideas . . .

. . . just a lack of energy. I've always got a list of craft projects a mile long, but I've been working some long hours lately. Add a lovely cold and a sick family on top of it, and my projects are just sitting there, staring at me . . . incomplete. But that's ok. Tomorrow will come. And now that I look at them, all but one of these projects requires a trip back to the store to get a few more supplies - how is it with the craft room FULL (OVER FLOWING) with stuff that I still need something else?

Anyway - here is a peek along with a reminder to myself about what I need to stop for so I can complete them . . . maybe this week.

#1 - look, an actual pattern. I haven't sewn a clothing item for myself for a very long time. I'm keeping my fingers crossed on this one. I need another 15" of this fabric, if it is still at the store - or I'll take plain black of the same type of fabric.

Here is another pile of fabric that I'm thinking about making a dressy jacket with. I tend to where a lot of browns and this only adds to my closet full of browns, but it was too pretty to pass by. I'm more than a little nervous about this one, but the pattern instructions look pretty simple. Surprisingly I think I have everything I need for this one.A little bit of a blurry picture, but I need some bronze chain and jump rings. I feel another Anthropologie knock-off coming.Oh, wait - I feel yet another Anthropologie knock-off coming on too. I need some gold-tone chain for this one. Think bubblegum!And, yes - note the shades of brown appearing again and again. I can't seem to stop myself. Ok - caffeine, saying "no", and eating right are the plans for the week. Let's see what I can accomplish. None of these projects is even on my Christmas to-do list. I'd better get working!

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