Sunday, November 6, 2011

Book Review - My Mama Had a Dancing Heart

One of the things we love at our house is children's books. Of course with a daddy who is an elementary school teacher and a mom who is also an educator and loves books, it is kind of a given that every bookshelf in our house is overflowing. Of all the things we spoil our children with, we never feel guilty about buying books for them.

One of the books we recently read is called "My Mama Had a Dancing Heart", by Libba Moore Gray.

The Publisher's Weekly review from describes this book as:

"a girl's remembrance of her mother, who welcomed each season with boundless enthusiasm and bade her daughter to do the same: "Bless the world/ it feels like/ a tip-tapping/ song-singing/ finger-snapping/ kind of day. / Let's celebrate." The two danced barefoot in the spring rain, ran through the summer surf with balloons and kites tied to their wrists, performed a "leaf-kicking/ leg-lifting/ hand-clapping/ hello autumn ballet," and lay on the ground to make snow angels in winter. Shifting to the present tense, the girl-now a ballerina-notes how these memories serve as inspiration as she leaps across the stage. Gray has crafted a genuinely affectionate, personal tribute to someone who embraced life wholeheartedly."

When my husband read this book to the boys for the first time a few nights ago, son #1 cried. He is my sensitive one who wears his emotions on his sleeve. But son #2's understanding of the book really touched me yesterday. Son #2 says that he's going to be a doctor when he grows up (wonder where he gets that prompting from?). He picked up a play stethoscope last night and came over to me and held it up to my chest. After listening carefully for a minute, he put it down and said - Mommy your heart sounds like it is dancing".

Indeed, I hope that is true!
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