Saturday, July 30, 2011

Boy's Applique T Shirts

This idea is all over blogland . . . and I've been collecting images and ideas for a long time now. I even purchased a couple of white t shirts awhile ago from Hobby Lobby. They've just been staring at me waiting for the right idea to pop in to my head. After crawling in bed last night and being unable to fall asleep, I grabbed my iPad and started cruising the web for more applique ideas. I goggled "Sambo" which is our nickname for son #2. Turns out that Sambo is a type of martial arts. They have their own logo and t shirts. So I decided it was perfect and promptly got out of bed and headed downstairs to knock-it-off.

Here is my version. Super fast and super easy. I decided to satin stitch around each of the letters and that really was what took the longest time. I used my computer to create the letters and stars. Then trace them on to heat n' bond and then on to the fabric. Iron on and then sew down and ta da . . . a new, custom made, personalized shirt.Son #1 was a little tougher to come up with just the right idea. So I waited until he woke up this morning to run a few concepts passed him. At first he wanted a flying saucer with some words on it. But then we looked at this cute shark with a fish skeleton found on a cute but incredibly expensive boys clothing store. I'm no artist, but these were simple shapes to freehand. Son #1 selected some fabrics out of my (ever growing) scrap stash . . . a little heat n' bond and a few well placed stitches later and he has his own custom shirt.

And here they are (on a break from their water fight with dad) showing off their new shirts. I think I might be officially addicted now. Cute and easy and oh . . . the possibilities!post signature

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Summer Days said...

figure out how to use the cricut and you could have done the same thing with the fonts and designs and had the cricut do all the work for you!!!!