Friday, April 1, 2011

Another Anthro Necklace Knocked-Off

I had so much fun with the Pernilla necklace knock-off, I decided to poke around the Anthropologie website to see what else I liked. I came across their Sugarcane and Cocoa necklace. It is a full 30 inches long and I loved the colors. It took a few days of searching at my local bead stops to find some very large beads in similar colors. Here is the Anthro original.

Here is my version.And here it is in a full length shot. I was tempted to go shorter, but wanted to stick true to the length. It took quite a few beads, but it works. I really like it!

It's hard to get a feel for the large white beads - they look like little snowballs. My 2-year-old loved them at first sight - he went shopping with me to find the beads. They happen to be my favorite too. I also really love the color of the light blue beads. I wish I could have found a more oblong shape, but the choices out there aren't all that great. But it works - and I quite like it!

I did realize one thing as I was making this necklace . . . I have never done a continuous necklace (without a clasp). I googled it but the instructions I found all centered around using knots and I'm a crimp bead kind of girl. So this one does have a clasp. Maybe some day I'll figure that out.

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Divya N said...

Hey Thalea, you can make a crimped no clasp necklace this way:make sure that you have a min length of 2" extra on each side after threading the beads. Insert your crimps(I recommend using about 3 heavy duty crimps)on one side. Insert(crossover the other side wire into the crimps.Pull slowly till the necklace is taught with no gaps. gently crimp and cover with a crimp cover.Insert the extra wire into the beads on each side without cutting them off to add strength to the necklace. Its done..try it sometime :)

southernscraps said...

This turned out fabulous! I did a necklace inspired by this one too, but could not find colors anywhere close at the time (at least what I wanted to spend) and I also used a clasp because I did not want to try the continuous thing just yet.

Kate S. said...

I really like this, its so simple :) I found your blog through Pink Flamingo Toes link up!