Saturday, April 9, 2011

Shhhh - It's a Pirate Quiet Book

Well this little pattern has been on my list of projects to tackle for a long time - since the day I saw it. We have a nephew who's son was turning one this week and in addition to the car racetrack carrier that I made, I decided there was no better reason to make one (or two) of these little pirate quiet books.

I ordered the pattern from Everyday Celebrations. Then I started the task of cutting everything out - that is really the "hardest" part. So I present the finished Pirate Quite Book.

My goal was to use scraps. I only needed the red and brown ric rac to match.

Here is the pirate.And the cannon - Boom!And the treasure chest. The pattern called for little pieces of colored felt to represent the jewels. But I knew that I had seen colored jewels at the craft store so I hot-glued a nice variety inside the chest.The pirate ship.

The treasure map - I added the cute little palm tree. Every treasure map I've ever seen . . . and goodness knows I have seen a lot :-), has a palm tree on it.A parrot - a pirate's best friend.And the back of the book.So while I was making one, why not just make a second at the same time. Give one away - keep one for my boys. Here is our version. I ran out of pirate scraps so I did have to run out and find some cute pirate fabric for the front and back of ours. They really are very cute. Mostly touch and feel - the pages don't really "do" anything. But I love it - we will be testing it out at church tomorrow. Everyday Celebrations did a nice job creating this one. She has some holiday books and other themed small quiet books I'll be trying.

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Amanda said...

This is such an adorable quiet book!! I love how well you did all the sewing and everything! If I had a boy, I'd copy it!!