Thursday, November 18, 2010

"K" Taggie

Alright - I took my own challenge and decided to find some scrap fabric from my very large stash to make this next part of the baby girl shower gift. I knew that I had this soft brown cuddle fabric but didn't think I had any matching girl-themed flannel. Lo and behold, I little digging and I found this pink/brown cheetah print flannel - perfect. I did have to grab some ribbon - that is one thing I don't use very often.
I followed Blue Cricket Design's tutorial on monogram taggies using the letter K for the new baby's name. At first I think I way overdid it on the ribbons, but after looking at it for awhile and looking at the sample Becca made, I unpinned a few and ended up with this. I'm very happy with it - - although I must say that the letter K is a pretty floppy letter!
I'll definitely be making more of these in the future. I personally checked the quality of "the rub" on each ribbon before I bought it to add. I loved rubbing ribbon/silk borders on soft blankets together when I was younger . . . . still do!

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