Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Loving the 2x4's

What is wrong with me this year? My annual goal is to pretty much be done with all my Christmas shopping by Thanksgiving. Ask me what I've accomplished this year - - - zero, zilch, nada! Ok, I pick up stuff for my boys all year long when I find good sales - then I stash it away and hope that I remember that I have it. But that's it! Really. I usually make some handmade gifts along the way too and have those ready to go for Christmas gifts - but again, this year, nothing. I've wandered down to my craft room a few times in the last few days and searched around for a project that calls to me. Once again - nothing.
However - just so I don't feel too badly about myself, I have been crafting with my boys this week -some really fun Thanksgiving kids crafts. I'll post those in the next few days when we put the finishing touches on them.
So, as usual, when I get busy . . . or lazy . . . I do a little blog stalking and look at other people's great ideas. So I present for my viewing pleasure . . . crafty things I liked this week.
First up - there's something about 2 by 4's. There are some talented crafters out there that can take a piece (pieces) of wood and turn them in to the simplest, yet cutest crafts. Take for example this 2x4 Turkey - just in time for Thanksgiving. Craft Goodies posted its tutorial over at Ucreate.
Next I stalked across a new favorite craft blogger - Under My Umbrella. Talk about taking 2x4's to a new level. Here is her 2x4 Snowman. Easy and yet so fun.UMU's 2x4 Christmas Tree was the first of her projects that caught my eye. She has a couple of different versions of this tree all using the same wood pieces. This tree is my personal favorite.Then she came up with this 2x4 Santa. Love him!And if 2x4's aren't the easiest crafts you can undertake - how about this absolutely adorable Rock Snowman at Not Just a Housewife. I know 2 little boys who are going to love this one as a craft project in the next few weeks.
Now - I'm off to clean house and cook Thanksgiving Dinner with all our favorites. Oh - and I will try to stay warm in the "Blizzard of 2010". And - - I have a few craft projects floating around my brain that are beginning to call to me. Let's see how motivated I get.

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