Thursday, October 7, 2010

Some of my Favorite Halloween Decorations

I've never been big on dressing up for Halloween. But I do love to decorate my house for Halloween! Here are a few favorite decorations that I have made through the years.
Bea Witch
She is a pattern from Art to Heart. I love Nancy's patterns and fabric and I have made countless things from her lines over the years. The details she works in are wonderful. This witch is definitely a favorite of mine - I can't wait to see her hanging on my front closet door every October!Witches are a favorite theme of mine . . . . my only real costume is a witch costume. I can't recall the pattern I used for this little gem, but she was fun to make. She has a hairy wart on her nose. Her "socks" are painted on, her hat is perfectly crooked, and that flaming red hair was not as hard as you might think. She sits across the room from Bea every year.
Haunted Houses are another of my favorite themes. These two are ceramics that I painted many years ago. I put red or orange lights inside them and love to sit in a dark room and watch them blink to life. This one is son #1's favorite.This haunted house is my favorite. I love the eyes peeking out everywhere and the spider's web above the front porch.
I have a few new decorations that are waiting to be made for this year. I'd better get to work!

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