Friday, October 1, 2010

Witchy Dishtowels

I only have four words to say . . . .
HOW CUTE ARE THESE ? ! ? ! ? ! ? !
I saw these "Feelin' Witchy Dishtowels" a few weeks ago over at Someday Crafts on a guest blog by Flamingo Toes. I couldn't stand it! I had to make some. (Really, who can make just one? It's like potato chips . . . you can't just stop at one.)
And isn't this hot pink Halloween fabric the ultimate? It is exactly what Flamingo Toes used in her tutorial and I just had to find it. A little click of the computer keys and I found an Etsy shop selling it (Eerie Alley by Caleb Gray in the SpiceBerryCottage shop). Oh how I love it!
Then I was roaming the isles at Joann's the other day and saw the pom-pom fringe - had to have it. They have it in a couple of colors.
My boys picked the orange one with the spider fringe for our house - I get outvoted on the cute pink stuff in a house full of testosterone! Hum . . . . whose houses will soon be decorated with the rest of them? I just can't stop making them. We have ideas for other holidays . . . more to come, I'm sure.

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