Sunday, October 10, 2010

Halloween Garland & Memory Game

A few years back I made some garlands for every season. This is my Halloween garland. Very easy and relatively quick . . . a few strands of jute/twine (is there a difference?), a couple of raffia bows on the ends, strips of properly colored fabric and then just hang some fun seasonal things from it. A handmade witch (of course) . . .. . . and some pumpkins and bats. And there you have a Halloween garland.
A few days ago I came across this great Halloween Memory Game over at Oopsey Daisy - on a guest post by Lil Mop Top. She has these free printables which I promptly downloaded and immediately then sent off to Costco's photo center. A few hours later I picked up my 5x7 pictures (remind me NEVER to go to Costco on a Saturday evening right at closing time . . . and why in the world does Costco close early on Saturdays? I'll never understand that one!) Anyway . . . some black card stock and a few minutes with my paper cutter and my boys have the cutest little Halloween Memory Game. They loved playing it today - and I love people who are willing to share their great ideas!

By the way . . . I whipped out another 5 (yes, five) Feelin Witchy Dish Towels this weekend. L O V E them!


Jen @ lil Mop Top said...

Your game turned out SO cute! I haven't even made mine yet. :) But now seeing yours all put together makes me want to get on the ball! Love the garland too- need to get my decorations out of the closet. dang I have a lot of work to do!!

Jami said...

Cute garland and game. I'm guessing your the clever talent behind the witch, pumpkin and bat.
Nice job on everything!