Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Holiday I Spy Balls

We've all seen the typical I Spy bags - here are a few that I have made. They're fun for the kids (and adults too!) and super easy to make. I love these because they're made from fleece - everything is better made from fleece. Finding the items to be "spied" inside the bags is probably my favorite part. And here's my newest twist on the I Spy theme - Holiday I Spy Balls. You can find these large plastic ornaments at any craft store (these came from Joann's). Find a few holiday themed items to put inside - don't add too many. Top it off with some Poly Pellets (again not too many . . . in fact, less than you would think). Hot glue the ornament halves together (probably the hardest part - you definitely need four hands for this step). Add some ribbons and a tag - and you have a holiday themed I Spy Ball. Here's one for Halloween.
And here's a Christmas ball. A fun twist to the I Spy idea. My boys love them!

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