Saturday, October 16, 2010

Halloween Count Down Blocks

My sister has the great fortune of having an October birthday - I won't say how old she'll be this month (41) but I will admit that I am older, at least the calendar says so. The reason this is a fortunate thing (the October birthday, not the age) is that October is usually right around the time that I get seriously crafty after a nice long summer spent mostly outdoors. She often ends up with some fun, handmade birthday presents.
She sent me an email a week or so ago which consisted of two lines - I want this! And a link to this over at How Does She? So since it was really cute . . . I promptly ordered a kit and son #2 and I spent a fun evening making it for her. I love my power sander . . . but it tore a nice big chunk of paper off the top corner of the bottom block - let's call that "character". Happy Birthday "J"!By the way . . . I found a great new "tool". I wanted to stain the blocks but I was dreading pulling out a can of stain and a brush to get the look I wanted. I was smart enough to wander through the paint isle at one of my local craft stores and came upon this wonderful little thing . . . a stain pen. It worked like a charm!

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Summer Days said...

Its super cute too and thank you very much. I like the black ribbon wrapped around the blocks.

Oh and you will always be older than me no matter what!!!