Sunday, June 20, 2010

Another Birthday Cake

Last month, I posted about a website I had discovered that had great and easy-to-decorate kid's birthday cakes. Well we tried another one this weekend and loved it. Really, if we can do this, anyone can.

I always wanted to do something special (but yet homemade) for my kids' birthday cakes. This website really makes this easy. One thing to note about this Fish Tank cake - we couldn't find the green fruit chews and spearmint leaves the directions called for, so we made do with some other fruit chews that I found at the grocery store. My kids don't usually eat fruit roll-ups/chews so this was a new experience for us. Just use what you can find and make it work.

Here is the website one more time. And here is the Fish Tank cake for son #1's fourth birthday. Yes, he got a real fish tank with two goldfish as part of his birthday presents.

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