Thursday, May 20, 2010

Great Kid Birthday Cake Ideas

I am no cake decorator by any stretch of the imagination! Therefore I have great respect and admiration for those who are great cake decorators. Hence my dilemma about birthday cakes for my kids. I want to do something fun and cute but just don't have that talent. Lucky for me we have the internet and I came across a great website that has incredibly easy, fool-proof, kid birthday cake ideas:

My boys love bugs and icky things so for son #2's recent birthday (he turned two years old) - we made this magnifying glass cake from the website. I bought a 10" cake pan - one boxed cake mix filled the pan. After the cake cooled, I trimmed up the top side so that it was even. Then slip-slapped on some vanilla frosting on the top . . . then some dark chocolate frosting around the sides. The rest of the chocolate frosting went in to a zip top bag. Three red peanut M&M's make up the ant bodies. Cut a tiny corner off from the zip bag to pipe out the ant eyes and legs. Cut a slightly larger hole in the bag and pipe around the top edge. Three Ho Ho's glued together with a dollop of frosting and you have a handle.

The boys loved it and if we can do it, anyone can! I'll be making more cakes from this site!

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