Sunday, May 16, 2010

Car Play Mats

My siblings and I had the best car play mat growing up. My maternal grandmother made it for us out of some canvas-type material. She drew on the white fabric with fabric markers and included some of our favorite local places . . . . our market, our church, our house, our school, etc. We loved that car mat and played with it for many, many hours.
Well I haven't had the creative energy to make a hand-drawn play mat for my boys but I wanted them to have something similar to spend many of their own hours playing with.
I was fortunate enough to find a panel of pre-printed fabric at one of my favorite local fabric haunts (Fabric Center) after son #1 was born. I backed it with a heavy weight burlap-y type fabric. Simple sewing - sew all edges, right sides together, leaving a small opening in the middle of one side for turning. Turn and sew up the opening. Then I was at the same fabric store just recently and happened upon a new panel and couldn't resist making it for son #2. This one happens to have a train track all around the edges which son #1 thinks is really cool - I think he's tried to trade with son #2 but no go.
For this second play mat, I found this fun fabric to back the panel with. It's not a panel (repeating pattern with a stop every 36" or so) - just regular old fabric. But it really does make the whole play mat a "two-in-one" mat. Flip it over and you have all new roads to drive on.I'm confident that my Grandma Margie would have done something more personal and hand-drawn if she were alive to play with her great-grandsons. But these simple, easy to make car play mats make my boys happy enough!


Lauren said...

I am in Maryland and looking for fabric just like the last two posted. Do you know who made the designed it so that I can try and search for it locally or online? I too am trying to make a play mat for my little guy.


Mason/Sam/Family said...

Lauren - I have found all of my pre-printed car playmat panels at a local fabrice shop called The Fabric Center in West Jordan, UT. You can google them and I'm sure they can help you. I was in there just the other day and they had three or so different panels to pick from. The second panel from the bottom of this post is called On The Go by Jill Webster for Clothworks at Have fun! Thalea