Saturday, August 3, 2013

More Baby Blankets

Tis the season for babies it seems, and lots of girl babies at that.  I've been keeping busy making blankets - I think every new baby deserves their very own blankets to cuddle up in. 

This one is for the lone baby boy of the summer (at least that we know).  Son #1's best friend from school is having a baby brother over the summer and he wanted to give the family a gift.  I came across this super soft cuddle fabric and used it for a blanket. 

 At the same fabric store, I found this beautiful lime green and gray cuddle fabric.  I wanted something non-traditional for husband's niece's new baby girl and got this blanket finished this morning - - just in time for the party.

This blanket is for another of husband's nephews.  He and his wife are having #6.  This is soft flannel with a crocheted edging around it.

And one of my cousins is having twin girls this summer so I whipped up these two ric-rack baby blankets in coordinating fabrics.  I can always, always, always count on the ric-rack blankets to turn out cute!

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