Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Custom Pillowcases

Check - custom pillowcases for the boys - - - DONE!

And talk about finding a really great tutorial - Little Birdie Secrets has one that I used. I cut the fabric and then sat down to follow it. I kept reading it over and over . . . thinking - this really can't work. She must have mis-typed something. When do I sew a seam? Maybe I should baste this? Really? I finally decided to trust the instructions and do what she said. Even as I sat at the sewing machine to sew that first seam, I kept thinking - there's no way this is going to work.

And then - - - I sewed the seam and pulled the center out - - - and look what I have. Two of the cutest darn pillowcases you can imagine. What a great tutorial!Son #1 requested Thomas the Train (no big surprise). Son #2 got Curious George.And here they are finished and on their beds.

This will be a good night for sleeping boys at my house!
Seriously - this was a great project. Super dooper easy and incredibly cute! Trust the "tute"!

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