Monday, June 27, 2011

Joining Up

So I'm adding one more BIG project to my summer to-do list - - - I'm going to join up with Sew Take A Hike's Yo-Yo Along. I've always liked Yo-Yo's but never had a reason to make any. I'm really late in joining up but better late than never. We are just getting home from a wonderful week-long vacation at Bear Lake and I am wishing that I had prepped for this project before we left. But I'm headed to pick up a Yo-Yo maker tomorrow and plan to cut lots of scraps so that I always have a pile ready to work on. I'm excited!

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Summer Days said...

You should have said something 6 years ago. You know how many yo yo's Grams had that we ended up tossing...too many to count!!!!