Monday, May 16, 2011

Projects in Progress

Well its been one of those weeks where life just took over from my "best-laid crafting plans". Work, family, yard work, and a Sunday nap have kept me busy. I do have a few projects in progress . . . I hope to get a few of them checked off on my list of projects to finish soon.

#1 - Fabric bookmarks: I want to have a couple of cute but relatively inexpensive teacher gifts on hand for the end of school in the next few weeks. Being a teacher myself . . . and being married to one . . . I know that practical gifts are THE right gift for teachers. We have a kitchen full of mugs and a counter full of candy that I don't need to each at the end of every school year. So "we" voted and I will be making some more fabric bookmarks to be given along with a gift card to either Amazon or Barnes & Noble (where ever I manage to get gift cards purchased) for each of son #1's teachers.

This is my current favorite bookmark tutorial - from Little Birdie Secrets. I've made a couple already but given them away before I remembered to take pictures.And then I found this fabric bookmark over at Creation Corner. Cute and easy!And another similar variation from Funky Polkadot Giraffe.

Finally a cute version from The Small Stuff - simple and easy.

And then there is my continued love-hate relationship with this charm pack baby quilt. I have about half of my rows sewn together . . . and I've just not had time to go sit back down at the sewing machine to finish it up. This is the inspiration quilt from Cluck Cluck Sew. I didn't want to lose the link so I'm linking here since I still need to hurry and make the applique flower.In big news though - my flower containers, flower beds, and garden are all turned, composted, AND planted! Ya hoo!

Above and beyond my typical craft projects - I am up to my neck in getting caught up on digital photo books for my boys. I do one for each of them documenting their year in pictures - from birthday to birthday. I got behind this year and am playing catchup. I'm not going to finish son #2's in time to use the big coupon that is advertising right now. But I'm sure they'll have another sale soon. I'm about half way through. Then I'll play catch up for son #1's book and then . . . . maybe I'll take another nap next week!

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