Sunday, May 8, 2011

Felt Birthday Banner

I've been wanting to make a birthday banner for my boys for a very long time. I've been looking all over blogland for cute ideas and tutorials. I thought I had settled on a paper one - bought myself all of the supplies even . . . . but I just never got around to it. Then I blog hopped over to AmeroonieDesigns a few weeks ago and found her super cute felt birthday banner. She even had a tutorial - so I went out and bought all the supplies to make it. Well it seems that birthdays come around much more quickly for me than they do for my boys and what do you know, son #2's birthday was coming along very fast. Too fast, in fact, for me to get a banner made. So I quickly emailed Amy to see if she happened to have one that she would sell me (please, please, pretty please!). And guess what - she did.

She popped it right in the mail to me (we actually don't live very far from each other, but with varying schedules we couldn't arrange a meet and sell). And here is my new absolutely adorable felt birthday banner and son #2 on his third birthday. I am so happy with it! It will now be an official part of every birthday celebrated in our house. My boys were so excited to see it magically appear on birthday morning. Great idea - wish I had thought of it! Glad I have one to use from here on out. Even for my own birthday!

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