Friday, March 25, 2011

Anthropologie Necklace Knock-Off

One of the blogs I read regularly (Flamingo Toes) is hosting an "Anthro Necklace Week" this week. My jewelry tastes tend to be fairly bland and very symmetrical. It's been fun to see her take on various necklaces from Anthropologie this week. Her first necklace on Monday was the Pernilla Necklace which runs $198. Here is the original from their website. Flamingo Toes posted an excellent knock-off tutorial and I decided to try it out. I LOVE it!
I decided to wander through the bead section of a few stores to gather some new beads - and I went cheap - not sterling silver which is my usual metal of choice. I found some really pretty turquoise colored stones with some matching U-shaped chips that I used in place of the flat shells (which I couldn't find anywhere for some reason). They worked out great - and I really like how it turned out. The hardest part was the lighting in my kitchen - I was making it really late the other night and my lighting is horrible in that room. I had everything laid out there and was too lazy to haul it downstairs where I have better lighting. The detail work on the silver beads and U-shaped cluster was very difficult in poor lighting, but overall it was very do-able!I really do LOVE it!
My total cost was $28 and I probably could have done it even cheaper using a few supplies that I already had on hand but bought anyway (just to make sure that I had what I needed). Fun project!

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Beverly @ said...

Thalea your necklace is just gorgeous!!! I love the green beads - they are so pretty and perfect for spring! Thanks so much for the link too!
I'm sharing on the FB page!

lisbonlioness said...

You know, this is exactly the kind of necklace I tend to fall in love with and end up buying. The green is just "me", and I love the way you tweaked the original to make it into something that COULD be a knockoff, but really is a stand- alone piece of whow. I'm not trying to leave as nice a comment as possible, I actually DO love this necklace and could find about 10 outfits in my wardrobe to match it with.