Monday, February 14, 2011

A Simple Valentine's Craft

I manged to squeak in one new Valentine's craft this year . . . the month is just getting away from me. Too many things are competing for my time right now.

This heart garland is super easy. The hardest part was finding double sided scrapbook paper in Valentine's colors. I ended up taking two regular sheets of paper and gluing them together. Anyway, you just cut out a whole bunch of hearts from double sided paper. Put two together and sew them down the center one after another forming a chain. Once they're all sewn, open them up so they are 3-dimensional. Hang it up and you're done. Fast and easy - just my speed right now.
Here's a close up showing the papers. I went to the only real scrapbook store that I've known about and walked in the doors to find some paper . . . . and when I looked up - the whole store was empty (with an unlocked door mind you - but what was there to steal I guess). Scrapbook stores make me hyperventilate anyway! Too overwhelming for someone who doesn't scrapbook.

Oh - and I just registered to do a fun event this spring . . . a non-competitive women's only bike ride right in my own backyard (so to speak). Some of my favorite neighbor ladies and I are heading out to start training. I'm super excited! Nothing like committing to something to get you out of the house and exercising! We're trying to talk our husbands in to volunteering - ha! Ok - now I'm off to "bring home some bacon".

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