Monday, February 21, 2011

New Game Finds

I come from a game-loving family. We played lots of board games growing up. Even when my boys were really little, we played whatever games we could. Now as they are growing up (too quickly I might add), we are adding lots of new games to our game closet. I wanted to highlight our two newest additions. They were hard to find! I had to win a tight bidding war on eBay for this first one.
May I present - Looping Louie. This is a game from 1992. I vaguely remember seeing commercials for it on TV way back then (YouTube has lots of videos including old commercials . . . too many people with too much time on their hands). Anyway, my brother-in-law and his wife have had this game since it was first out. My boys love to play it. It's just their speed. Basically, Looping Louie in his little airplane flies around in a circle trying to steal your chickens. You have a paddle to swat him away and if you're good, you can swat him right on to your opponents chickens. There are four paddles. The last one with a chicken still in their hen house wins. It is still available in Germany and the only one that was reasonably priced that I could find on eBay was straight from Germany. I got to put all the sticker decals on myself so it was new right out of the box. Definitely worth the eBay battle! On an additional note - just for fun sometime, google Looping Louie and check out all the National Tournaments for adults for this game. It really has quite the cult following! Makes me laugh.While I was searching all over for Looping Louie, I found this game that is just like it - Bobbin' Bumblebee. The bumblebee (named Robin according to the directions) flies around trying to steal your honey discs. The last player with honey wins. I didn't get a close up picture of it, but the paddles on this game are little honey dippers - very cute! The bee is a little harder to flip around than Louie, but still it's a lot of fun. I wasn't going to buy it after I won the Looping Louie bid, but the boys begged for it. Now I'm glad I have both. This one came from eBay as well from a game store in England. It took nearly six weeks to get through customs - thank you terrorists who want to send packages to the US through the mail :-).

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