Saturday, August 7, 2010

Things to Do

I have a list that is at least a mile long of things I want to work on. I have an almost equally long list of projects that I have started that need to be finished. There is also a huge pile of mending covering my sewing machine that needs to be taken care of. But I seem to be slacking a little in the "finding time to do it" area. Work is crazy, home is crazy . . . the kids are needy (love, time, meals . . . you know, the basics) and I just can't seem to make myself stay up late these last few weeks to work on any of my own projects. So instead I've been keeping up on some blogs written by people with slightly more energy than me and added a few more fun things to my list of projects to work on.

I'm not a girly-girl - - - and I am the only female in my household (including the dog). So girly things are cute to look at, but usually not something I even think about creating. I did come across this fun tutorial today - - and I'm not even a girly flowerly type girl. But I've seen lots of flower embellishments out in blog-land and this is definitely one of the cutest. So in case I ever need to make a girly gift, I'm linking to this cute tutorial . . . How to make a zipper flower from Infarrantly Creative. She did a pink one and a blue one - - very cute!
And here is one more tutorial that I actually really love from Craftaholics Anonymous I would probably wear this one as a bracelet. In fact I think I might make this one for a few of my friends for upcoming birthday presents. Hum - me and flowers . . . who would've thunk it?
And hopefully this week a package I've been waiting for will be arriving so that I can work on a fun new project.

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