Sunday, May 30, 2010

Quilt Labels

Well - despite the piles of crafts waiting in line to be started and/or finished, and despite my great longing to work on many of them, some quality time with my family usually comes first. Work has been incredibly busy too . . . so you'll have to settle for a quick look at a partly finished project.
After son #1 was born I had a friend at work who was pregnant and she started an I Spy Quilt square exchange. Instead of having to make 30 different and unique squares, you make 30 of the same square and then share those squares with 29 other people and you end up with 30 different squares (while only having to buy 1 1/4 yards of I Spy fabric and 1 1/4 yards of a coordinating fabric). So after I got all the squares back I whipped up the quilt along with a second one for my friend's grandson. And when son #2 was born I wanted him to have his own so I made all 30 squares from scratch for him.
Well I always wanted to add quilt labels to each of the quilts and designed these about 1 1/2 years ago. A little embroidery and a thin fabric marker and they were done. And there they sat waiting for me to find the coordinating quilt fabric to put borders on. I finally did that about a week ago, and now they sit waiting for me to hand sew them on to the boy's quilts. Some day soon! I do have a stack of new blocks waiting to be sewn for another I Spy quilt - with a lean towards the female side for my same friend's newest granddaughter. When I get around to that I'll post the instructions. Super fun and easy! The kids love to lay on their quilts and find all the fun things highlighted in the blocks.

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