Sunday, December 15, 2013

My Christmas Village

Many years ago, I had some energy . . . . and I spent a few long hours hand painting a ceramic Christmas village.  I hadn't put it up since before my boys were born.  And we finally decided to pull it out of the deep recesses of the garage this year and put it up.  We've loved having it on our mantle and I've loved seeing it all again.  It's an animal village with lots of extra animals and trees that I didn't include in the pictures. 
Here are the pieces:
#1 - Mr. Squirrel's Pine Tree Inn.  This one is an old pine log that they've made a house out of.

 #2 - Beaver Tree Farm.  This one is an old stump that the beavers chewed down.
#3 - the Barn.  This piece isn't actually part of the set, but it was the right size and pretty darn cute, so I included it anyway.
#4 - Mrs. Mouse's Bed and Breakfast.  I love this one - a B&B made out of a teapot.
#5 - Rabbit Seed Farm.  I also love this one with the water wheel.  The house is an old terracotta plant pot. 
post signatureI actually love them all!  I spent so much time on them and it's great to have them up.  The artist who created the molds put lots of wonderful details in to them.

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