Sunday, December 2, 2012

Quote Wall

We have a bathroom in our house that started out being just "the MAIN" bathroom, but is really just an extra bathroom on the floor that has all the bedrooms.  The master bath and the downstairs bath are the rooms that really got used so this one never got "decorated".  It was mainly just "hang a few things on the wall" - you know . . . the things that don't really have any other wall to go on and don't look completely hideous in a bathroom.  Well it stayed that way for many, many years.  Then along come a couple of boys.  This is now their bathroom.  One day, a while ago, I got brave and pulled all the mish-mash of stuff off the wall.  It really just didn't fit and wasn't them. 

And there that blank wall stayed while I looked everywhere and pondered what I should put up on their wall.  I even asked them for their advice - they had no solution.  I wanted something that wasn't too "babyish" because I didn't want to have to update it as they got older.  I thought I had a few prints selected from an Etsy shop but I just wasn't sure that those prints would work in their teenage bathroom (and sadly, those teenage years will come all too quickly!). 

Then I came across this blog entry from Pinching Your Pennies about her quote wall.  What a great idea.  Call it brainwashing, call it the power of positive thinking, call it whatever you want.  But over the years I know that my boys will be spending a lot of time in this room.  Why not have some positive, uplifting quotes for them to look at.  As an educator myself, I know that studies have been done that show that students actually don't really pay much attention to the bulletin boards in their classrooms.  And therefore I know this wall will not stand out to them when they're older - but I'm hoping that one day, just when they need it most, they might walk in here and glance up and what they read might make their day a little easier. 

I ordered some quotes in multiple colors from various Etsy shops and downloaded some freebie quotes from other blogs.  And how much do I love the Costco online print shop - just upload files in the comfort of my home (in my jammies), and then pick them up all shiny and pretty the next day.  I picked up some white canvases and ModPodged the prints on.  A few 3M Command strips later and I have a wall full of quotes that I love!

Husband thinks the wall is a little busy . . . I say the busier the better.  Whatever grabs their attention.  I was going for a variety of colors and sizes.  I think I succeeded.  Here are the quotes: I think I can, I new I could from the Little Engine book; There is something good in every day - source unknown.

We can do hard things (love this one!); Dream beautiful dreams and then work to make those dreams come true (son #2's current favorite one) - from Spencer W. Kimball; and If you want to be happy be good.

 Last we have CTR (Choose the right); What I love most about my home is who I share it with; and from Winnie the Pooh - Always remember . . .

I love them all - heck, I love walking in there and feeling just a little better when I read them.  I hope my boys will too!

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