Monday, August 29, 2011

What Can You Do With an Old Key?

I have a friend who has a thriving jewelry business. She is an amazing designer and always has very cute ideas. I've bought lots of jewelry from her. In fact, she was the person who taught me how to make my own jewelry. She often is a vendor in a local Labor Day weekend craft fair - a very large and wonderful craft fair. She called me about a week ago asking if I was available to help her with her inventory for the fair. Of course I jumped at the opportunity. Since it isn't MY business, it's a relaxing "pass time" for me.

She is making lots of different pieces, as you would expect. My task is to make these cute key pendants. She has them on these little hooks so that they are interchangeable on a chain. I've been working late every night this week to keep up. Here are each of the styles.I'll have completed over 200 of them this week. I can't wait to see what else she has for sale. I pretty much just take out my services in trade for new jewelry.

I was excited to see what she had done with these keys. I bought a collection of brass keys awhile back from an Etsy shop and had set them aside because I didn't have any big creative spurt. Well, I followed her inspiration and created my own new key pendant - love it!
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