Sunday, June 5, 2011

Card Holders . . . Check

I saw these cute (and totally simple) card holders over at Crafty Cupboard not too long ago and put them on my list. I definitely had a few scraps laying around for this project plus it called for "mass production" - gotta love that. I have a nice leather business card holder for work but I foresee using these when I don't want to carry a full sized wallet around - on a bike ride (stored in my bike pouch) for id.
Or in a pocket for a credit card (when I don't need the whole purse - you know . . . the gigantic kid-sized purse I've now officially adopted).
My favorites are the black/red and the polka dot. The polka dot matches another project I'll have ready to show in just a few days.Really easy - and a good reason to buy some fusible fleece to add to my sewing closet for future needs.

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