Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Screen Siren Necklace - Another Anthropologie Imitation

When I was surfing around the Anthropologie website not too long ago looking for jewelry ideas, I came across this beauty - call Screen Siren. I loved it! But for $168, it wasn't on my short list of things to buy. (It isn't even available anymore.) I wanted to try my hand at copying it - as best I could. I've been searching for weeks for beads to even come close to it. The large one on the right middle part of their necklace was impossible to even kind-of duplicate - it was my favorite too. And I couldn't find any crystal clasps (for a single strand of beads) that I liked either. So this imitation will have to do. I do quite like how it turned out! My version is about 19 inches - theirs is 20 inches. My clasp isn't as pretty as the original, but my total cost was probably under $30.
I think it looks best on. Most jewelry does. Love it!

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