Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Train Playmat

Yay - another project finished. Am I the only one who has a very large stash of fabric and craft supplies laying around waiting to be worked on? Hopefully not. But now that I've confessed, here is one project to check off the "already purchased, cut, pinned, and laying around waiting to be finished" pile.
One of my local fabric stores always has the best playmat panels. I've purchased my fair share over the years. This one was different - instead of a car playmat, this one is all about trains. And my boys LOVE trains.
This one is now stashed away in the storage closet waiting for son #2's birthday. Son #1 will want it and think it belongs to him, but son #2 doesn't have his own train mat yet so it only seems fair.
Now off to the next project.

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